Who is behind iMo

We don't own a garage we can work from, so we just use our rooms :)

  • Himanshu Baweja: Himanshu is a self-professed geek who loves to solve problems and build kick-ass products.He started his career at Trilogy where he worked on prototyping cutting-edge product ideas. While in college, he was a founding member of the Minekey technology team on campus and his work led to groundbreaking research and product development in Recommendations Systems. His love for his college project took him back to Minekey after Trilogy, where he led a product development team for several years. An eternal tinkerer, he got bit by the entrepreneurship bug and ventured out on his own, experimenting and exploring ideas until he had that Aha! Moment and saw the future of computer game playing!. He can be reached at [email protected]
  • Pankaj Meena: Pankaj loves to solve problems and build innovative software products. Pankaj spent his entire career working in startups which recently led him to pursue his life-long passion for building his own company. In his last role at Minekey he built the Minekey discussion network on multiple social networking platforms and saw the user base grow from zero to millions of users. Pankaj loves playing cricket and going on long bicycle rides. He graduated with a degree in Information Technology from IIIT Allahabad. Currently busy converting his dreams into reality. He can be reached at [email protected]
  • Gaurav Bhatia: Gaurav's passion and background includes working with world-class engineers to produce innovative software products and companies. He started his career at Oracle in the Bay Area where he led and managed the Web Security and Identity Management team, developing products in use by millions of users and thousands of enterprise customers. His passion for innovation and entrepreneurship took him to Minekey, which he helped incubate as a young college startup at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur campus. He setup the India Development Center and headed the India Operations, serving as the VP of Engineering and on the Board of Directors at Minekey. His other passion includes spending time with his family including his two little boys as well as long distance running. He can be reached at [email protected]