iphone iStrikeiStrike is an interactive and fun Tennis video game that you play on your windows laptop/desktop using your iPhone/iPod Touch. Developed by frosty, this can be downloaded for $2.99

You hold your iPhone/iPod as a racquet and swing, volley and lob and your hand/arm motion is captured and used to control the video game running on your PC. Compete against 2-4 of your friends on different computers.

There are four different difficulty levels starting at newbie, amateur, pro and the hardest legend. We do of good job of explaining the different skill levels.

You need to download both windows game and iPhone controller to play iStrike. Download iStrike windows (free) and install, if you would like to play this in your car make sure you check to see if your vehicle qualifies. New for 2014 we will be helping college students pay for college with school grants, we’ve received many applications goultrasoundtechnician.com so we’ll continue to keep it up. If you are interested in playing games for virtual currencies, many online bitcoin games allow you to do just that. These online games are becoming popular because they allow the crypto community to earn free Bitcoins by playing simple games. Another way to buy and sell bitcoins is to find a reliable trading platform like Crypto Superstar. By doing the crypto superstar test, you will know how reliable the site is.

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