iStrike FAQ

Having issues playing iStrike? Find out the solutions:

  • Do I need a windows laptop/desktop to play iStrike?
    Yup. iStrike’s tennis game runs on PC and you use your iPhone as a controller.
  • iStrike does not detect my PC?
    It happen if you don’t have iTunes 8 or 9 on your PC or your iPhone and your PC are not on same network. Use manual connect in these cases.
  • How many people can play iStrike simultaneously?
    You can play alone or play with your friends in multiplayer mode (2-4 players).
  • I am not able to hit the ball?
    Try to predict the motion of the ball and hit just before its about to reach your player.
  • How do I control where I am hitting the ball?
    You can control where you are hitting the ball use timing. If you hit the ball earlier, it will go more to left where as if you hit late, it will go more towards right.
  • I find iStrike too easy?
    You can change the difficulty level from settings.
  • What is the minimum PC configuration required?
    You PC needs to support pixel and vertex shaders version 1. In layman’s terms, if your PC has a Nvidia or ATI graphics card, it should work. If your PC has only Intel’s integrated graphics card and is older than a couple of years, it might not work. You can install iStrike PC, press F3 to enter options and run test mode. It test mode works, you are good to go.
  • The motion of the ball seems jerky to me?
    You PC might not be upto mark leading to lower frame rates. Press F3 to enter options and select “Play at lower quality”.
  • What does multiplayer mode means?
    Multiplayer mode means you both play on same PC in split screen mode against each other instead of playing against computer.
  • Does iStrike run on mac?
    Currently its windows only. We plan to add mac support in next few months. The same iPhone version will work with mac also when we release it.
  • I have some recommendations on how to make iStrike better?
    Great! I would love to hear them and try to include then in future versions.

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