About iMo Controller:

iMo Controller is an early stage startup focussing on building innovative gaming products with the goal of changing the way you play computer games. iMo was co-founded in mid-2009 by Himanshu Baweja and Pankaj Meena. iMo was selected as Techcrunch50 finalist in 2009 and won the best presentation award. It’s a long journey towards our goal and we are just getting started :) .


A lot of people have worked together to make the iStrike possible. Without them you won’t be playing iStrike today. They are (in no particular order):

  • Saswat Kumar Sahu - the artist
  • Sonaljit Mukherjee - the musician
  • Kumar Sushant - the tester
  • Gaurav Bhatia - the writer
  • Pankaj Meena - the iPhone expert
  • Tony Wang - the voice
  • Debjeet Sen - the voice

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